Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is it that makes vintage women so beautiful? Is it the hair always curled and sculpted to a definite look? Is it the old timey black and white shots that allow so much for imagination? Is it the cleanliness of their clothes and belongings?

I don't know if we associate cleanliness and order with the pictures because of the time when they were taken, or if it was really that way. Black and white shots certainly seem to cover up defects in skin and yellow teeth. And whenever you have a definite cut or style you always look more kempt.

But to me it seems to be something more, how can you explain, the simple smile on so many of the average looking women faces. They might be homely, and yet something about them seems so simple, beautiful and happy. Whats your opinion? Do they appeal to you that way?

Here are some of my favorite average women of the vintage era's.

I love this one! I wonder if they were sisters?

I think these two girls are beautiful!
Enjoying factory work

So many dishes...and yet still smiling!

Can you imagine looking that good while checking the sink?

Getting ready for an outing! I love the coats and scarfs

The well equipped cook!

Enjoying her baby!

I love how she looks so beautiful and glamorous even in
a baseball uniform!