Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gone With The Wind amazes me, everytime I read the book or watch the movie I am amazed at the power and thought it has. Also, me being me, I always love the old fashioned southern hospitality.White damask,real silver ware, large candles, long tables and the quiet and ease still enjoyed by many southerners today. So I was interested the other day when I heard a very deep conversation about Gone With The Wind. I was suprised to hear how some people LOVED it and some HATED it there seemed no middle ground! Why is it that this book has brings out such strong feelings?Here are some of my favorite Gone With The Wind pictures and trivia as well as my favorite southern mansions, settings, and decor!

Southern Hospitality

Is white or brick better?

columns columns columns!

A little D.Cish

I love this one! Stairs pillars and all!

Tara, beautiful Tara!

I love the way they tastefully done pink, somtimes
a hard thing to do.

My how barbeques have changed!

Beautiful mint julep

Love the built in bookshelves, mine are smilar

not quite so impressive though!

I love oak trees! My grandparents driveway is

lined with oak trees.

Growing up in an old southern family its funny

to see some traditions still persist today!

The pillars add so much!

LOVE the stair case!!!!!


  1. A splendid post! I have not seen Gone with the Wind yet - but this post certainly has inspired me to do so! :)

    Keep up the gorgeous posts... I'll be back!